Studio Policy

My professional objective is to serve my students well by focusing on the musical growth of each student, creating an enriching and encouraging environment with meaningful and inspiring tools for real-life musicianship, choosing activities and situations that build confidence and allow students to succeed, and to use curriculum and methods that best suit each individual student.  It is my desire to combine the beautiful artistry and expressive qualities found in music with the journey of learning, growing, and connecting in order to bring more joy and fulfillment to my students and those they will influence in response. I love the career to which I have been called, and I sincerely care very much about my students.  Their musical development is of the utmost importance to me!
Students should arrive promptly and with all assigned materials.  Rate of progress is directly correlated with preparation time for lessons, therefore, students are expected to practice regularly and to complete any assignments at home (suggested practice times will be given to each student at the first lesson, and may increase as the student progresses).  Students are encouraged to ask me questions regarding their music studies and may contact me between lessons with any concerns or inquiries. 

Voice students are strongly encouraged to study piano in addition to their vocal studies in order to improve ear training and the reading of music and rhythms.  All voice students are expected to complete music theory assignments, which include the fundamentals of reading music on a weekly basis.  

Parents play an extremely important role in the success of their children's music lessons.  Parents may assist their children by providing and maintaining an appropriate instrument on which to practice, encouraging practice and completion of assignments at home, showing interest in their child's progress, and being supportive of their child's involvement in performing activities, such as recitals, festivals, and potentially school and/or church related opportunities.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with me, and should feel free to let me know anything relevant to the student that might assist me in being more sensitive to the student.  Parents are asked to be prompt when bringing students to lessons and picking them up at the conclusion of the lesson.  No shows or failure to notify the teacher of a missed lesson within 24 hours is considered a forfeited lesson.   

NOTE:  I will be happy to assist you with locating an appropriate instrument for your child if needed.


Tuition is due by the first scheduled lesson of each month and remains the same regardless of the number of lessons in any month.  I will be prepared and present to teach a total of 16 lessons each semester with any holidays accounted for. One Flex Week will be scheduled per semester for make-up lessons or performance practice.  These Flex weeks will not be made up or rescheduled if they are not used by students.  Lessons are available on a weekly basis for 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute lessons. Per-lesson and bi-monthly rates are available for adult students.  

30-minute lessons - $100 per month
45-minute lessons - $150 per month
60-minute lessons - $200 per month

Tuition also includes:

Lesson plans for each student
Written progress reports for each student at least once per school term
Selecting materials and repertoire for each student
Recital preparation
Professional organization memberships
Participation in student activities (festivals, competitions, master classes, etc.)
Continuing education
Music lending library
Administrative Costs

Any materials such as music books, assignment notebooks, etc. will be purchased for students by the teacher. Parents are responsible for reimbursing the teacher for materials purchased for students.


Piano Tuning:  Acoustic pianos should be tuned at least twice per year.  A piano technician will be recommended if needed. Cost of tuning varies with each piano technician.

Metronome:  A metronome must be purchased for the students by the parents.  Parents may purchase and download a metronome App to be used by the student, or a metronome may be purchased online or at a local music store.  The teacher will provide links to purchase metronomes and/or music store location information as needed.

Events:  Entry fees for student activities usually range from approximately $12.00 - $50.00 and are subject to change.  Activities are sponsored by organizations with which the teacher maintains professional membership through annual dues (which the teacher must pay).  All fees are decided upon by and paid to the sponsoring organization.  Students must give their entry fees to the teacher as the teacher submits one total payment for all of the students within the studio to the sponsoring organization.

Miscellaneous Information

Summer lessons are available.  Summer tuition is based on the number of lessons to be received.