Piano and vocal events are listed below (non-competitive and competitive).  Fees and dates will be listed when posted by each sponsoring organization.  Other events may be added.

Non-Competitive Piano and Vocal Events

Georgia Federation of Music Clubs Festival - The GFMC Festival is a non-competitive event that is held each year for students K-12, and hosts various events for pianists entering in solo, duet, concerto and hymn-playing.  Vocalists may participate in art song and/or musical theatre as soloists or duet performers.  All students are encouraged to participate in the Music Theory written test each year.  Different rules apply to each event regarding repertoire.  All participants receive comments and ratings from qualified judges.  Each score receives an accompanying point value of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.  For each 15 points earned, participants will receive a "gold cup trophy" as commendation for their efforts.  All students receive certificates for each event entered, and special certificates are given for "Superior" ratings.

National Guild of Piano Teachers Auditions -  The NGPT Audition is a non-competitive event that is held each year for piano students of all ages.  Students may perform memorized or non-memorized solo and/or ensemble programs of varying styles and genres of repertoire and must include scales and cadences in every program.  Memorized programs may include up to twenty pieces as well as Musicianship Phases (scales, arpeggios, cadences, transposing, improvisation, ear training and sight reading.  Hobbyist (non-memorized) programs include required scale and cadences and may include Musicianship Phases.  Students may earn special diplomas, medal programs, and scholarships depending on interest and amount of time studied.  The NGPT awards all participants with report cards, certificates and fraternity pins upon the completion of auditions.  

Competitive Piano Events

Georgia Music Teachers Association Pre-College Auditions - The GMTA Pre-College Piano Auditions is a three-round competition event for students in grades 4-12.  Round-1 begins at the Local Association level, Round-2 continues at the regional level, and Round-3 concludes the audition process at the state level.  Students are required to perform two contrasting pieces from memory for a reputable judge at each round of the competition. All students receive comments from the judge as well as certificates.

Competitive Vocal Events

Georgia Music Teachers Vocal Competition - The GMTA Vocal Competition is for vocal students grades 9-12.  Each student is allotted 12 minutes in which to perform at least three art songs for a reputable judge.  The competition is held in one round at the State Audition site.  Awards are as follows:  Outstanding Performer, Award of Excellence and Honorable Mention.  All students receive comments from the judge as well as certificates.

Georgia Music Educators Association Piano Allstate Auditions - The GMEA Piano Allstate Auditions are held annually for piano students grades 6-12.  Students may enter the solo, four-hands, or six-hands events, in which they perform one memorized and qualifying piece for a reputable judge.  First and second place winners perform at the winners' recital (first place) or the master class (second place) at the Annual GMEA Conference (dates and times to be announced).  All students receive comments from the judge as well as certificates.